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Postback Information

This page describes how a postback works.

What is a Postback?

A postback allows you to receive notifications on your server every time your account receives a conversion. This is necessary in order for you to be able to provide your users with rewards. For example, whenever you receive a conversion, you may wish to be notified what the payout, user ID, and point value is.
We are also able to send you a postback in the case that a lead may be reversed.
Example Postback URL:{conversion_id}&user_id={s1}&point_value={points}&usd_value={payout}&offer_title={vc_title}
We will replace all of the macros, such as {conversion_id}, with the actual value (such as "4d63afe33875ceeec17dd7eab41b8590a".) On your server, you will read the "conversion_id" GET variable to retrieve this macro's value.

Receiving postbacks

Chargebacks: in order to receive postbacks for chargebacks/reversals, your postback URL must contain the {state} macro.
Non-payable events: offers can have events that are for informational purposes only, and do not provide a payout. To receive postbacks for these events, your postback URL must contain the {event_id} macro. The {payout} value for these event will be 0.

Available Macros

You may add any of the following macros to your postback URLs. They will be replaced with the corresponding values.
Replaced Value
Variable Type
User ID
String or Integer
Number of points/credits the user should be rewarded with
Decimal or Integer
Title of the offer as it was displayed on the offer wall.
Amount in USD that you earned for this conversion
This is the state of the conversion. Possible values are: approved - the conversion is approved rejected - a conversion that was previously pending or approved was reversed pending - the user has completed the offer but the conversion will be approved at a later date If this macro is not present in your postback URL, postbacks will only be sent for approved conversions.
DEPRECATED VALUE: please use {state} instead. Value will be 1 for a new approved conversion. If this macro is present in your postback, then the postback will also be resent in the case of a reversed conversion. In that case, the value will change to 0 while all other values will remain the same.
ID of the offer as displayed on the AdGate Media dashboard
Name of the offer as displayed on the AdGate Media dashboard
UUID of the specific event that was converted
Description of the event as displayed to the user
Additional subID values that can be appended to your offer wall URL
Unique ID of the conversion generated by AdGate Media
IP address of the user that completed the offer
Current date of conversion formatted as YYYY-MM-DD
Current time of conversion formatted as HH:MM:SS
Randomly generated number
Two letter country code representing the user's location.
Delay in minutes before the conversion is approved.
All values are URL encoded.

Expected Response

AdGate Media's servers expect an HTTP Status Code 200 from your postback URL. If this response is not received from your URL, we will attempt to resend the postback up to 5 times. There is a 5 minute delay between each attempt.

Security Recommendations

To prevent tampering, it is important that the postback URL that is used is unique to AdGate Media. For additional security, you may whitelist the following server IP:

Testing and Troubleshooting

To test the postback functionality on your AdGate Rewards offer wall, you may enable the "Test Mode" feature in your offer wall settings. Enabling Test Mode will create an offer at the top of your offer wall. This offer will convert immediately upon click for easy postback testing. We do not recommend enabling this feature on a live offer wall.
To troubleshoot any postback issues, you may visit your Postback Reports page here:
This page will show a 30 day history of all postbacks on your account.