User Based API (v1)

Use Case

Our User Based API allows you to display offers compatible with virtual currency applications and display them natively on your website or app. This API allows you to recreate the functionality of the AdGate Rewards offer wall within your own application.

With this API you can:

  • Return a list of optimized offers for a specific user based on their geolocation, device, and user history.

  • See and display a user's offer interaction history.

Endpoints should be called in real-time whenever you would like your users to see offers. Results should not be cached as they are constantly changing. Calls to the endpoints should be made from the server-side, not the client-side.


The following endpoints are available:

Each endpoint accepts parameters passed in the query, e.g.:

Some endpoints may require extra data provided in a JSON body.

All endpoints return a JSON response.


Each endpoint requires these two parameters:



Your affiliate ID. Can be found on the Offers API page.

Any Integer



Your API key. Can be found on the Offers API page.

Any String


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