AdGate Rewards Setup

This page describes how to setup your AdGate Rewards offer wall.

Creating a new AdGate Rewards Offer Wall

In order to use AdGate Rewards, you must have an approved Publisher account with AdGate Media. If you do not already have an account, you can signup here.

Step 1: In the AdGate Media dashboard go to Monetization Tools > AdGate Rewards

Step 2: Click Create AdGate Rewards Wall

Step 3: Fill out the following form, each field is described below.




This is an internal identifier. It will be used to identify your wall on our panel and reporting.

Allowed Offer Categories

This determines what types of offers will show up your offer wall. For maximum revenue, we recommend leaving this on the default settings.

Points (plural)

The plural form of your currency. Ex: Coins

Points (singular)

The singular form of your currency. Ex: Coin

Points (abbreviation)

The abbreviated form of your currency. Ex: C

If there is no abbreviated form, just use the Plural form. Ex: Coins

Conversion rate

The amount of currency you will award your users for every $1 you earn. Ex: A value of 100 will mean your users earn 100 Coins for every $1 AdGate Media pays you.

URL of the wall

Enter the URL of your website or app where the wall will be displayed.


The URL you would like us to notify when a conversion occurs. For more information on Postbacks please the link below.


You can choose how you want decimals rounded when awarding currency. There is also an option to keep currencies as a decimal, up to two decimal places.

pagePostback Information

The next step is integrating the AdGate Rewards wall on your app or website.

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