Web Integration

If you wish to integrate the offer wall on your website, this page describes the steps needed to do so.

Placing your wall

Step 1: Obtain your wall code

You can find your wall code here. It will look like the following image:

Step 2: Determine the user ID

This is a dynamic value that should be replaced with a unique identifier for each of your users. The user id may be any string up to 255 characters long. We recommend using a hashed value if possible.

Step 3: Adding the iframe to your site

You will take both of the pieces of information obtained in Step 1 & 2 and create an iframe using the following guideline: https://wall.adgaterewards.com/**YOUR WALL CODE (Step 1)**/** USER ID (Step 2)**. For example:

<iframe src="https://wall.adgaterewards.com/nq6Upw/6d0007e52f7afb7d5a0650b0ffb8a4d1"></iframe>

It is also recommended to set the iframe height to that of the users browser. This can be done in either CSS or inline of the iframe.

Alternatively, you can use the URL generated above to open the AdGate Rewards offer wall in a new tab.

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