Getting Started

What is AdGate Media?

AdGate Media is the leading solution for rewarded advertising. AdGate Media helps website and app developers monetize their user base with non-intrusive advertising.

Who is AdGate Media for?

If you operate a website or app that uses virtual currency (points, gems, coins, etc.), then we can help you earn more money.

If you operate an app on the Google Play or Apple App Store, then we can help you acquire new users.

What does AdGate Media do?

AdGate Media's core product is the AdGate Rewards offer wall. Our offer wall connects thousands of advertisers with your app.

How Does it Work?

Users are offered an opportunity to earn more virtual currency within your app or website. The user is then presented with a list of offers to earn virtual currency.

Upon completing a chosen offer, the app developer gets paid and the user receives their reward. Everybody wins!

I Want to Implement AdGate Rewards

You're in the right place. This documentation center can help you implement AdGate Rewards into your app or website. See the next step for implementation instructions.

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